dyanaeltelety asked: Lucky youu , wish I could read 'after' for the first time again🙈

I’m on the third book!!!! It’s messing with my emotions so much!

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justanothertmblracount asked: do you have a masterlist ?

No sorry but i really should make one lol

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Niam dance & Larry making fun during “Story of my life”



If you watch the whole video I don’t know if you survive

don’t say no-oh-oh-oh

First day of school be like…

You walk into class and the teacher be like

And you look at the teacher like

Then they start writing on the board and you look at the work like…

Then the teacher gives you the homework and you’re like

Then the teacher starts looking over your shoulder and you be like

Then that one stupid kid gets on your nerves

Then you get home and you’re like

And repeat this for the rest of the year.

Chicago | August 30

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